Common Myths Revolving Around the Microneedling Treatment

Have you ever experienced an acne outbreak? If yes, you can attest that this skin condition is distressing. The condition ignites discomfort and cannot let you wash your face effectively. Worse, acne usually leaves scars that undermine your skin texture, thus reducing your attractiveness. Every person looking at your skin will know that you have had acne at some point in your life. The good news is that you can alleviate that acne through Clifton microneedling and PRP, stimulating your body’s growth factor to enhance your body’s natural healing. If you anticipate an appointment with your dermatologist, here are myths concerning microneedling that you should never believe.

The Procedure Is Painful

The mention of needles during the microneedling treatments has left many patients concerned that the procedure is agonizing. This is a common myth that keeps individuals from seeking this life-changing treatment. Before the microneedling, the specialist will apply the numbing cream on your target skin area and give you ample time to relax. During the skin puncturing, you will experience little to no sensation making the procedure comfortable.

Microneedling Involves a Lengthy Recovery

Some patients claim that the procedure involves much downtime making them less willing to sacrifice their busy schedule for this treatment. In reality, microneedling is the smart choice if you want the revitalizing procedure with minimal downtime. Although the healing differs from one person to another, in most cases, the moderate soreness recedes within a few days.

You will start seeing the improvements on your skin after four to six weeks following your first appointment.

The Procedure Is Risky

The hygiene questions about microneedling linger in the minds of many people. They think dermatologists use similar needles for every patient, thus increasing the risk of infections. However, the reality is that the specialist will replace the needle for every patient. Therefore, there are minimal chances of transmitting the infection from one patient to another.

The At-Home Treatment Will Give You the Same Results

Sometimes, it is tempting to purchase dermal rollers from drug stores, thinking they will help alleviate your skin concerns. However, these devices have shorter needles making it difficult for them to get deeper into your skin layer. Consequently, skin conditions, like scars and fine lines, will persist since your skin will not produce adequate elastin and collagen. Therefore, the at-home microneedling devices cannot measure up to professional microneedling.

You Cannot Get the Microneedling Around Your Eyes

It can sound terrifying to undergo this procedure to eliminate skin concerns on the skin near the eyes. The good news is that with the advancement of modern technology, you can get this procedure done around your area, provided the specialist uses the right device. However, since the skin is thinner in this skin region, the puncturing will not go as deep as in the case of other skin areas like cheeks.

To many people, acne’s effects are more devastating than acne. The scarring usually undermines their skin texture while reminding them of previous acne breakouts. Thanks to microneedling and platelet-rich plasma, you can eliminate the acne scar and restore your smooth skin texture. While preparing for your microneedling session, it would help if you cleared the air using the above-debunked myths. For example, if you are concerned that the procedure is risky, you will learn that the specialist will apply safety measures to reduce the chances of infections.

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