Reasons For Considering Egg Banking

In the early days, most people used egg freezing or banking to preserve eggs for women diagnosed with serious health conditions like cancer. Doing so helped them protect their fertility and ability from having their kid, especially if the treatment or disease was more likely to leave them sterile. However, it is not the case today because egg banking can be utilized by every woman who wants to achieve some goals before conceiving. Therefore, if you are not ready to have children but would like to conceive later in life, egg banking Newport beach services help preserve your eggs, thus allowing you to accomplish your achievements and conceive when the time is right. Some of the benefits of egg banking include the following:

It allows you to accomplish your goals

The fertility period in women usually starts expiring at the age of thirty-five to forty-five years. During this time, a woman cannot produce more eggs. At the same time, conceiving at a very young age may prevent them from achieving their dreams, including taking their career to the next level, finding the right partner, or building a home for their kids. For this reason, most of them consider egg banking to help preserve their eggs during their fertility age and use them after meeting their goals in life.

Pauses your biological clock

Generally, most women are born with a fixed number of eggs in their ovaries which mature as they age. Therefore, there comes the point at which all the eggs mature and stop growing, and no more eggs will be made or produced. Usually, as you reach puberty, you have about 300 000 eggs left, and as you age, the number keeps reducing. In your twenties, you produce the best eggs for reproduction. During this period, you can have the eggs harvested for cryopreservation, thus protecting your ability to have your biological kids later in life.

Preserves egg quality

Usually, as you age, you do not only worry about the number of eggs but also care about the quality of those eggs. Generally, an immature egg comprises ninety-two chromosomes, two times what any cell in the body contains. As these eggs mature, the number of chromosomes reduces systematically to twenty-three. Therefore, when a sperm fertilizes the egg with twenty-three chromosomes, the embryo contains forty-six. As you age, your eggs are more likely to have chromosomal errors, especially during and after menopause, which increases your risk of miscarriages.

You get in control

Egg freezing allows you to control your life without worrying that your biological clock is ticking. It also leaves you feeling empowered because it reduces your anxiety concerning your future fertility, thus allowing you to focus on your life goals.

Of importance to note is that banking or freezing your eggs secures your fertility and reduces the pressure of rushing to be in a relationship or conceiving because you are running out of time. Therefore, preserving your eggs allows you to take your time to choose the right partner you want to settle with and also achieve your goals, knowing your future fertility is secured. You can schedule your appointment at YourEggs today and have your eggs harvested and preserved for future use, especially if you do not want to conceive now but would like to have kids later in life.

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