The History of Sport

Since the earliest human societies, physical activities have been a part of leisure. While early people preferred hunting and warlike activities, ancient Greeks and Romans both appreciated the beauty of the human body and enjoyed competitive games. The Romans and their fans appreciated military games, gladiatorial combat, and exhibitions. And the medieval period was characterized by knight tournaments, religious festivals, and professional exhibitions. In all, sport is a form of activity with a purpose.More Info About Tamilvilla

Good sportsmanship is the expression of enjoying an activity for its own sake, rather than for the chance of gaining points or trophies. Some prominent individuals have said, “Sport is not about winning; it is about competing.” In sport, there are rules and standards that make participation in games fair, and there is no advantage for cheating or abusing rules. However, this doesn’t mean that one cannot break the rules in order to gain an edge.know more here Bad Credit Loans

Modern sports evolved in the late 17th century, after which a concept of the sport’s record was born. These games were largely banned in the wake of the Puritan movement, but the revival of the Industrial Revolution spurred new games. In fact, East Germany, a country with a population of only 16 million, outscored the United States, which was fifteen times its size. In addition to the ban on alcohol, the East Germans’ victory was due in part to their application of scientific methods in their sport.

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