The Most Misleading Cataract Surgery Myths

Over the years, there has been an increase in eye problem cases. Cataracts have been highlighted as the leading cause of many eye conditions and blindness. A cataract occurs when the lens in the individual eye develops cloudy patches, which cause blurry vision, reduced sensitivity, and night vision challenges. This condition makes the amount of light deteriorate over some time which eventually causes blindness. You should have advanced cataract surgery Rapid City to prevent eyesight loss if you have this condition. If you want cataract surgery, the following are the myths you should stop believing.

A cataract is Only Age-Related

Some people believe they cannot have cataract formation since they are young. Even though aging is one of the causes of this formation, it is not the only cause. Cataracts can develop at any stage in life since there are even other instances of a person having congenital cataract which develops at birth. Other causes, such as drug toxicity, ocular inflammation, trauma, long-term diabetes, and steroid intake, can increase the risk of cataract formation. To know more click 7 Traits

You Should Have a Surgery Immediately after Detecting a Cataract

Since most people fear cataract formation, they believe they should undergo surgery as soon as the condition is detected. Since the surgery is also risky, people should have cataract surgery when their normal life starts being affected. For instance, you should consider surgery when you start struggling to read a newspaper, drive, or walk. You should also listen to the specialist’s advice before having the surgery.

It has a Longer Recovery Period

Most people fear undergoing surgery since they believe it will take a long time to recover, interfering with their lifestyle. The success rate of this surgery is high and has uncomplicated and fast recoveries. In most instances, people start carrying out normal activities within a few days. Even if you recover quickly, you are advised not to lift heavy weights for some weeks after the procedure. You should follow the surgeon’s instructions to have an easy transition after the surgery.

The Cataract Can Re Occur After Surgery

Most people avoid surgery since they believe the cataract will reoccur later in life. The fact is the cataract can never reoccur after being removed through surgery. The only instance that can happen is that the capsule behind the intraocular lens can become cloudy, causing blurry vision over time. You should, therefore, not fail to have the treatment due to fear that the cataract may reoccur.

The Standard Lens is Applied for All Cataract Patients

Some people believe that they will be given the same lens after developing a cataract. However, lens implants have different power, sizes, and materials. Since the surgeon does not use a “one-size fits all” approach, they will perform various pre-operative measures while applying advanced diagnostic instruments. After the surgery, you can choose the lens based on your budget and requirements.

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