Understanding the Causes of Hand and Wrist Pains

You may develop hand and wrist pain but do not understand the exact cause of the pain. You will only be sure of the cause when you consider Jersey City hand and wrist pain treatment at Garden State Pain & Orthopedics. Treatment will focus on understanding your symptoms, then evaluating them to come up with the correct diagnosis. Your doctor can then recommend the proper treatment you need to recover from pain. Meanwhile, you can learn about some common causes of hand and wrist pain to gain insight into what you may be experiencing.

What Causes Hand and Wrist Pain?

You may develop wrist and hand pain due to several causes. The discussion below will focus on the common causes of damage to your hand and wrists that may result in pain and hinder your ability to move. Visit here for more descriptions of Bryce Laspisa


You may undergo an injury due to a direct and sudden impact, such as falling with an outstretched hand. The fall may result in strains, sprains, and fractures, which may involve certain amounts of pain. You may even have a fracture that may fail to show up on an X-ray immediately after you sustain the injury. Secondly, you can develop wrist pain from repetitive stress and motion that leads to inflammation around your joints and results in stress fractures. Such motion may include hitting a tennis ball and continuous driving, especially if you do the activity for long hours without a single break.


You may likely develop osteoarthritis in your wrists, especially if you have past injuries, but the condition may not be so common. Also, you can have rheumatoid arthritis, which occurs when your immune system attacks its tissues. Therefore, you will likely develop rheumatoid arthritis in another wrist if you already have the condition.

Medical Conditions and Diseases

Certain diseases may result in you having hand and wrist pain. First, carpal tunnel syndrome may develop when your median nerves pinch and compress. The median nerves are in your palm. Therefore, you will feel a painful sensation in your hands, including your fingers. With carpal tunnel syndrome, you will likely feel numb, weak, and tingling sensations in your wrist. Secondly, you may develop non-cancerous and harmless lumps, known as ganglion cysts, on the back of your wrist. You may not feel any pain, but when they apply pressure on your nerves, you may feel pain. Lastly, Kienbock’s disease, though rare, may cause your lunate bone to break down slowly, leading to pain, swelling, and reduced grip strength. Your doctor may not know the cause but will recommend medications, a splint, and surgery to increase blood flow to your wrist.

You can visit Garden State Pain & Orthopedics if you have concerns about hand and wrist pain interfering with your daily functioning. You will engage in a discussion session with your doctor to understand the cause of your pain before you can have a schedule of your treatment plan. Visit the website and book your online appointment today to schedule your treatment session.

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