What is Dragon Tiger Game? – How to Play to Win

Dragon Tiger Game It is also the easiest online card game to play and win that many people choose to participate in on the house’s system. The gameplay is extremely simple, so it is suitable for many different audiences from young people to the elderly. If you want to make money from this attractive game, let’s join  Jun88 Find out all the relevant information to help you earn more income.

What is Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger at Jun88 known to many people because this is a card game with extremely simple rules. This card game originated from Cambodia and was introduced to the Vietnamese market and received an extremely warm welcome from players.

Dragon Tiger uses a deck of 52 cards and each game the user can use from 6 to 8 different decks of cards. The player’s task is to choose to bet on Dragon or Tiger. If the score of any card is high, that side will be the winner and the player who bets on the winning side will have the opportunity to receive a high prize amount.

How to play Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger Game The gameplay is extremely simple and easy to understand. You only need to briefly learn a few specialized terms as well as how to place bets to easily participate.


Term used in the game Dragon Tiger Jun88 Not too much and you can easily learn it in a very short period of time.

  • Dealer: this is the term used to refer to the person who controls the game and performs the task of dealing cards.
  • Dragon: colored red for identification and this is the Dragon door
  • Tiger: this is the term used to refer to the Tiger door and distinguish it from the blue dragon door.
  • Tie: colored green to distinguish and this is special for the Draw door.


Dragon Tiger Jun88 is considered to have simple rules. At the beginning of the game, the dealer will deal cards into Dragon and Tiger doors. There is then a period of time where players can bet on Dragon, Tiger or Draw.

If the score of any door is high, the player who bets on that door will be the winner. Depending on the needs of the player, we can choose to bet on the three most popular designs. However, many people advise that we should not bet on a draw because the probability of it happening is very low.

How to calculate points

To determine the winner of the Dragon or Tiger door, it will be based on the total score of the card. Normally the value of the cards will be calculated based on the number of points of each card. Card A is counted as one point, numbers from 2 to 10 are counted as ranging from two points to 10 points, cards are counted as 10 points.

Secrets to help you win in the game Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger Jun88 One of the attractive reward card game lines that you can try to participate in making money at home. However, you need to possess knowledge and experience to be able to predict correctly and bring a good profit for yourself. Below are updated experiences and tips that many players have applied successfully.

Choose a reputable bookmaker

The dealer provides the product Dragon Tiger game The market today is extremely diverse and rich. The player’s task is to choose a reputable and professional bookmaker to ensure the safety of the capital they spend. This is one of the extremely important issues to ensure you avoid being scammed out of all your money. For that reason, before learning more about this game, you should prioritize choosing a reputable and legal house.
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Take the chance

Dragon Tiger Jun88 will bring you an opportunity to earn a lot of money and attractive if you know how to take advantage of the opportunity. The time that many veteran players choose is when the dealer starts dealing the cards. During this time, players can completely look around to see how other people bet.

Only one door should be placed

Players participating in Dragon Tiger Jun88 It’s best if we just bet on one. You should prioritize betting on Dragon or Tiger to avoid betting on Draw. Players can absolutely apply the strategy of double betting to increase their chances of winning when betting on Dragon Tiger.


Dragon Tiger Game online  Jun88 extremely attractive and gives users a lot of great experiences to earn extra income at home. Summary of all information shared about this game as well as tips that you can apply to improve your chances of winning. You can completely confidently use your knowledge to be more proactive in making money from reward games.

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