4 Benefits to Get Adult Male Circumcision in Brooklyn

Circumcision is the process to remove a penis’s foreskin. Infant boys usually do that, however, adult males can also do it. The penis tip skin is removed by tearing away/cutting off part of the foreskin, by insertion of an instrument via an opening in the foreskin to remove it fully. Men go for circumcision for various reasons at Lazare Urology in Brooklyn. It also comes with a good deal of benefits. 

Want to know the benefits of getting adult male circumcision? Find them below:

  1. Protect You Against Penile Cancer

Circumcised males have a less risk of penile cancer than uncircumcised females. It can protect you against penile cancer by controlling inflammation, which helps in preventing the growth of cancer cells. Penile cancer is one of the rarest and most hazardous types of cancer. If you are an uncircumcised man and have sex with multiple partners in your life, you have three times more risk of developing penile cancer than a circumcised man. So, consider getting yourself circumcised to mitigate the risk of getting penile cancer. 

  1. Reduce the Risk of Getting HIV and other STDs

Circumcision can protect from STDs as it decreases the risk of HIV and other transmitted diseases. Circumcised men have a lesser chance to get STDs when having intercourse with an infected partner than uncircumcised men. You can never fully avoid STDs but can combat the risk of contracting the diseases by using condoms every day and decreasing the number of sexual partners. Circumcision helps in reducing the risk of bodily fluids coming into contact with your skin during sex, which decreases the risk of developing an STD. 

  1. Guard You Against Recurrent Balanitis 

Balanitis is the inflammation of the penis glans that can be caused by poor hygiene, or fungal infections. Uncircumcised men are more likely to have recurrent balanitis than circumcised men. The glans have no moistened tissues for protection against irritation and infection. Most uncircumcised males are likely to get balanitis sometime. 

  1. Prevent Paraphimosis

Paraphimosis is a disease that occurs when the penis foreskin gets retracted and can’t be revived to its original place. Circumcision prevents this disease, which can cause deformity and scarring if left untreated. The penus foreskin retraction is one of the most common causes of paraphimosis. It occurs when you try to pull the fires in over the penis head after urinating /cleaning yourself. As circumcision fully removes the penis foreskin, paraphimosis becomes impossible to develop. 

The Bottomline

These are the biggest benefits of circumcision in men. If you want to enjoy the benefits above, get in touch with a good urologist for doing circumcision.

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