5 Tips to Improve Your Fertility

Infertility issues have become a significant concern in today’s modern society, with more than 10% of couples dealing with this problem. If you are experiencing infertility issues, Fertility Consultation Mountain View can help you find a personalized treatment to help you fulfill your dream of having a baby. In addition to seeking medical attention from a doctor, there are natural fertility enhancers that can help you get pregnant more quickly.

 Here are tips to boost your fertility.

  1.   Avoid smoking and drinking

Alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana used recreationally can negatively affect your reproductive health. Binge drinking increases the risk of ovulation irregularities. Your chances of becoming pregnant are harmed by even occasional mild drinking.

Conversely, smoking’s chemical composition decreases the number of eggs you have. The female body is born with a fixed amount of eggs, unlike sperm, which are continuously created. They cannot be replaced once they are lost. Furthermore, smoking impacts ovulation, resulting in abnormalities or the inability to release an egg in the middle of the cycle.

  1.   Maintain a Healthy Weight

Weight is one of the most significant factors that affect fertility in both men and women.  Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight is one of the best ways to improve fertility and conception.

Unhealthy weight is associated with irregular menstrual cycles, which can significantly reduce the chance of getting pregnant. Maintaining a healthy weight should be the first step in attempting to conceive for women who are either underweight or overweight.

  1.   Stay hydrated

You may increase your chances of getting pregnant by drinking lots of water and avoiding soda and other sweetened beverages. Proper hydration not only increases blood flow but also thickens cervical mucus, allowing sperm to pass through the cervix easily.

Dehydration, on the other hand, is harmful to the health of the egg and reduces the likelihood that it will fertilize or grow into an embryo.

  1.   Manage stress

Contrary to popular belief, reproductive health and mental and emotional well-being are tightly related. Hormonal changes brought on by the additional stress of trying to get pregnant might signal to your body that it is not the proper time to become pregnant.

 The stress hormone cortisol disrupts your brain and ovaries’ ability to communicate, which leads to irregular periods. You can reduce stress levels through deep breathing exercises, meditation, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

  1.   Monitor your ovulation

Monitoring your ovulation cycle will increase your chances of becoming pregnant. While sperm may survive within a female body for up to 5 days, eggs are only viable for about 12 to 14 hours. Increase the possibility of fertilization by ensuring they are both within your uterus at the same moment (or the sperm arrives before the egg).

You can monitor your ovulation by examining cervical mucus, breast sensitivity, and basal body temperature. Or you may buy ovulation tracking kits from your neighborhood drugstore and test yourself mid-cycle to find out when an egg is present.

If you are trying to get pregnant and looking for all-natural methods to increase fertility, you should try to live a healthy life by eating a balanced diet, exercising, and avoiding stress. Also,  it is always a good idea to consult a healthcare provider or a fertility specialist to determine the best action for boosting fertility.

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