5 Underrated but High-Tech Avant Garde Wheels You Must Give a Try

The sheer number of models that Avant Garde Wheels manufactures & sells each year is so many that some go unnoticed. That’s too bad, because you might just miss some of the company’s (and the market’s) finest cast and forged aftermarket rims in the melee.

This 40-year-old company is one of the leading names in this niche and boasts a significant footprint across these 50 States. The core philosophy of their products is summed up in its name; Avant Garde literally means a vanguard, a force of nature that’s not afraid to take risks, and has historically been used to describe people and nations at the forefront of arts and the sciences. In this case, the company’s background in trying out cutting-edge technology before any other competitor has made it an icon.

The California-based company has manufacturing units in both the United States and in Taiwan.

Are you looking for a set of high-quality Avant Garde Wheels to spruce up your ride come 2023?

Here are 5 models you must give a shot!

Top 5 Avant Garde rims available

Even if you haven’t heard of the models mentioned here, they are worth a look or two. All of them are made using 6061-T6 aluminum alloy only.

  1. AG M540 Staggered: The M540 is a member of Avant Garde’s (AG) ‘Classic’ First introduced in 2018 for premium subcompact vehicles like the Mercedes GLA, it has since undergone several facelifts and a complete overhaul of the spoke design. The current M540 has a mesh design with fine machining at the center and the inner lip and comes with several options for customization.

These staggered rims are available in 3 sizes only: 18, 19, and 20-inches. The M540 is lightweight and is designed for superior performance on city and suburban roads. The M540 is a tribute to the muscle wheels of the 1960s and is a Monoblock wonder.

It was available only in a polished silver finish before candy red, glossy black, and teal options were launched in 2021. It is possibly one of the best rims for smaller sedans too, like the BMW F32 435i.

  1. AG 520R Staggered: This is a must-have for sportscar owners and was designed keeping in mind high performance on city roads. This ‘Classic-R’ series member sports a clean, 10-spoke design that’s extremely attractive. The spokes branch out to create that antler-like look that’s pretty unique.

The AG 520R has been spotted on Ferraris, low-slung BMWs, Corvettes, Porsche Cayennes and even Acura’s TLX Type-S. It’s customizable down to the last lug and is available in bold reds, yellows, and brushed metallic shades.

Buy them for a perfect start for your beloved Genesis G70 or even Range Rovers this New Year!

  1. AG Vanquish: This is the flagship model of the luxury range of Avant Garde Wheels. Yes, it is certainly more expensive than most other models. But there is no doubt that these flow-formed Monoblock rims are worth every penny. Also referred to as the AGL Vanquish, the rims offer spectacular off-road performance while being super quiet on city roads too.

Made using the company’s proprietary ART technology with custom bolt patterns & an array of finishes, the Vanquish is made for on-road luxury. It is a superb aftermarket option for the Tesla Model 3, Land Rovers, and Lexus sports vehicles.

Do note that not all retailers stock the AGL series around the year. Perhaps connecting with some of the most established outlets would guarantee a rendezvous with the Vanquish!

  1. AG Vanguard: This is another high-ranking member of the AGL club and is widely considered to be the closest Avant Garde has been to perfection in rim manufacturing! The Vanguard is available in several sizes but the 24-inch model is the most popular one. This is the company’s answer to deluxe customizable rims offered by Lexani and Savini.

Compatible with every TPMS hardware systems out there, these flow-formed Monoblock rims are superbly machined to bring out that chic and sleek nature that has made these ideal for the Rolls-Royces and the Bentleys.

On a lighter note, we had a leisurely look at a spanking new Volvo XC-90 outfitted with these rims in matte black back in June 2022. A test drive ensued– and it was love at first sight!

  1. AG M621 Staggered: Rounding up this wee list is one of the best rotary forged directional rims available in the United States. The M621 has been spotted on KIA SUVs, Audi’s ‘A’ series sedans, Tesla Roadsters, BMW M4s and Chevy Camaro 2SS 1le. The 10-spoke design has been modified slightly to give an angular effect while the rims are pretty concave.

With the ART technology and unmatched durability without any compromise on performance, these staggered rims are elegant and functional. What really sets this forged rim mile apart from rival products is its true-directional nature; it comes easily and is not forced upon it.

Throw in the endless ways in which the M621 can be tailormade and it is fairly obvious why Avant Garde Wheels takes this model so seriously.

The 20-inch variant weighs a mere 23 pounds and its brushed silver option outsells the other variants. You can experiment with the newly-added Pacific Blue shade too!

A few last words

This is a company that ensures quality above all. Avant Garde Wheels are JWL standard-certified and has a rigorous testing mechanism.

That said, there are plenty of forgeries and fake rims that look almost identical! Stay away from such scams and buy these models from authorized retailers only. We would ask you to check out AudioCity USA in Santa Fe Springs, CA at least once!

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