6 Reasons to Consider Breast Augmentation

Are you dissatisfied with your breast because of age, breastfeeding, or significant weight loss? If you have always felt a little self-conscious about your breasts, you may want to change that. Fortunately, Matthew J. Lynch MD offers breast augmentation if you are unhappy about your small or unevenly shaped breasts.

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a treatment where silicone implants or your own body fat are used to give you bigger, fuller breasts. It is a fully optional cosmetic surgery operation designed to increase the size of your breasts and their feeling of symmetry.

There are many reasons why people choose breast augmentation. Here are reasons to consider breast augmentation; Click here for more about Compuserve Mail

  1. The desire for bigger breasts

Even though there is no such thing as normal breast size, many women with very small breasts opt for breast augmentation to add volume. The operation can help you realize your dream of having breasts that better accentuate a swimming suit or allow for a little cleavage.

Breast augmentation may make you feel more feminine or real if you have micromastia, the medical word for having no breast tissue in one or both breasts, or if you are a transgender woman.

  1. Better evenness or symmetry

Only a few individuals have even breast size. However, when the disparity is substantial or obvious, it can be unpleasant and interfere with how particular clothes fit you and your perception of your body.

Breast augmentation can help to achieve a more symmetrical appearance. This can be extremely beneficial if you have unilateral micromastia or breast tissue on only one side of your chest.

  1. Reward your weight loss

Healthily losing weight can improve your mental and emotional health. Unfortunately, your breasts might undergo a significant transformation as a result. Breast augmentation is one way to treat yourself after you have worked hard to lose weight.

Breast augmentation improves breast size and form, but it doesn’t considerably tighten or smooth out drooping skin. To accomplish your goals, your doctor can suggest combining a breast lift with an augmentation.

  1. Regain or enhance your pre-pregnancy curves

Your breasts undergo major alterations as a result of pregnancy, delivery, and breastfeeding, which breast augmentation corrects by adding back lost volume. With careful incisions concealed along the crease under your breast or at the areolar line to minimize the appearance of scars, your doctor ensures your surgery produces the desired results.

  1. Increased self-assurance

For many people, confidence might imply different things. Breast augmentation can help both men and women obtain the desired body shapes if they are dissatisfied with their breasts’ size and form. A lady could experience higher self-esteem and confidence as she feels more attractive and feminine. Unknown to many, men can choose breast augmentation to achieve well-defined, manly pectoral muscles.

  1. Post-mastectomy

When a woman has breast cancer, she may occasionally need to have a mastectomy. Additionally, some women with a family history of breast cancer opt to undergo it to lower their risk of developing the disease. If you fall into this category, breast augmentation can help you get your bust back to how it was before your mastectomy.

Call Matthew J. Lynch, MD, to book your appointment for a breast augmentation procedure.

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