Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions About Hyperbaric Therapy

Generally, we breathe a mixture of gases, which contains only 21% of oxygen. However, oxygen is critical for your body to function well, and once there is scarcity, you may experience some health complications. Thankfully, hyperbarics Auburn therapy is non-invasive and painless, providing patients with 100% pure, medical-grade oxygen.

Usually, this therapy allows your body’s organs to pick up oxygen and use it during recovery. Numerous medical conditions require more oxygen for healing, and hyperbaric therapy plays a crucial role. To understand this procedure better, here is what you need to know about hyperbaric therapy.

How does hyperbaric therapy work?

The oxygen we breathe is typically delivered in the body tissues and organs by red blood cells. But with hyperbaric therapy, oxygen is dissolved directly into the blood plasma. Blood plasma in your body accounts for more than half of the total blood volume.

After that, the plasma transports the pure oxygen deep into your body tissues. As a result, your body has a much higher concentration of oxygen. For individuals with non-healing medical conditions, delivering highly concentrated oxygen via hyperbaric therapy boosts their body’s healing ability.

Why should I consider hyperbaric therapy?

Higher concentrations of oxygen in your body can rehabilitate injuries and promote healing, even if chronic wounds. Moreover, hyperbaric therapy increases blood flow and decreases severe inflammation and swelling. Quick healing facilitated by this treatment weakens infection-causing bacteria.

In addition, hyperbaric therapy can also rejuvenate body cells and tissues that risk dying due to diminished blood supply. Also, it boosts your body’s ability to fight free radicals that might cause damage. Hyperbaric therapy is vital in stimulating the growth of new blood vessels, especially where circulation is compromised.

How do I know hyperbaric therapy is right for me?

Consultation and assessment are necessary to determine if hyperbaric therapy suits you. Evaluation lets your physician understand your medical circumstances and determine the right hyperbaric therapy plan. Nonetheless, hyperbaric therapy isn’t appropriate for everyone; thus, working closely with your doctor can help.

But you’re an ideal candidate for this treatment if you deal with burns, infections, anemia, gas gangrene, or carbon monoxide poisoning. Furthermore, with an in-depth conversation with your doctor, you can get the therapy that fits your concerns. Usually, your candidacy is based on your medical history and the latest clinical research.

Should I expect any side effects with hyperbaric therapy?

As with many treatments, side effects are inevitable. With hyperbaric therapy, however, these side effects are minimal. When administered by a qualified provider, hyperbaric therapy is harmless.

However, you may experience side effects like lightheadedness, plugged ears, trauma to the middle ear, pulmonary edema, or claustrophobia. Such issues are temporal and resolve independently when the prescribed hyperbaric therapy reaches its depth. If your side effects persist longer, you can freely consult your doctor for guidance.

How can I improve my results from hyperbaric therapy?

Although hyperbaric therapy guarantees outstanding results, your lifestyle can alleviate your results. Always keep your appointments regular and consistent to get the best out of your therapy. Also, avoid caffeinated beverages before treatment as they reduce blood flow and can impact the success rate of your hyperbaric therapy.

Additionally, avoid smoking as it reduces the amount of oxygen in your blood. Anything that affects the ease of blood flow can cause slow healing of wounds. Moreover, eat healthy and sleep tight to enhance your body’s healing ability.

For significant outcomes, hyperbaric therapy is the best option available. The treatment is quick and comes with minimal restrictions. Regardless of your prescribed treatment sessions, receiving your hyperbaric therapy regularly is vital.

Hyperbaric therapy is result-proven in addressing multiple medical conditions. You, too, can enjoy its benefits hassle-free. Schedule your appointment today!

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