Considering Joint Replacement Surgery? –5 Criteria That Make You Eligible For Same-Day Discharge

Hospitalization after joint replacement surgery could be an unfortunate and challenging patient experience. Sadly, with traditional joint replacement surgery, it was the only option. Thankfully, the development of same-day discharge joint replacement surgery provides a promising solution to this issue.

With Oklahoma City same-day discharge, joint replacement-eligible patients can undergo surgery and return home the same day. Same-day services offer a convenient and comfortable experience while reducing the likelihood of complications associated with prolonged hospitalization. Continue reading to discover who is eligible for same-day services.

  1. Good Overall Health

As with most surgeries, leave alone same-day services, good overall health is a key factor when determining your eligibility for same-day discharge joint replacement surgery. Patients with great overall health, with no serious underlying health issues, are less prone to experiencing complications during and following surgery. Good overall health ensures smooth treatment and recovery.

However, patients with certain health issues, like cardiovascular illness, diabetes, or other chronic conditions, cannot be released on the same day. Such patients require some monitoring and care. Therefore, your surgeon should evaluate you for any hidden health concerns before undergoing same-day services.

  1. No Complications During Joint Replacement Surgery

Any surgery bears the risk of complications, regardless of the surgeon’s skill. Common complications to expect with joint replacement surgery include excessive bleeding, nerve injury, tissue damage, and more. Patients should experience no complications during their procedure to ensure they qualify for same-day discharge.

Patients who experience any of these complications are deemed ineligible for same-day discharge. Therefore, your surgeon should closely monitor your condition throughout the surgery. In case of any complications, no matter how mild they seem, hospitalization may be necessary.

  1. No History Of Blood Clots or Other Complications

Patients with a record of blood clots or other complications might not be eligible for same-day discharge. A history of complications means you are also prone to complications in the future. Blood clots are the most prevalent complication following joint replacement surgery, and can develop in the deep veins of your pelvis or leg.

If not treated, these blood clots may break off and move to the lungs, causing a possibly life-threatening condition like pulmonary embolism. Other complications to watch out for include heart disease, respiratory issues, wound infection, and more. In such cases, extra monitoring of your immediate recovery may be necessary.

  1. Good Mobility and Functionality

Patients with good mobility and functionality before surgery and who show improvement following surgery are eligible for same-day discharge. Mobile patients who can easily perform everyday activities are less prone to complications or require additional care. Besides, patients with good functionality can better manage their at-home recovery.

However, patients with restricted mobility might require extra monitoring. For instance, patients with trouble walking or standing might require hospitalization. This period allows the patient to recover under close monitoring and receive treatments, such as physical therapy.

  1. Adequate At-Home Support

Adequate at-home support is essential in determining a patient’s eligibility for same-day discharge joint replacement surgery. Patients with enough home support are more likely to enjoy a successful recovery. Besides, at-home support helps with any complications.

In some cases, you should have a caregiver who can help with everyday activities like dressing, preparing meals, and bathing. Otherwise, you are better off receiving post-surgery care at the hospital. Therefore, if you want to qualify for same-day discharge, it is important to have people to help you as you recover at home.

Same-day discharge is quickly becoming the standard of care for joint replacement surgery. An increasing number of patients are being discharged after only one session with their specialist. Same-day discharge offers numerous benefits to patients and practitioners alike.

Patients can enjoy reduced hospitalization expenses and a reduced risk of hospital-acquired infections. Likewise, doctors can benefit from the increased availability of hospital resources. If you are considering joint replacement surgery, talk to your provider to learn if you qualify for same-day discharge.

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