Essential Steps To Take After A Storm Damages Your Roof

Heavy rainfall or a snowstorm can seriously damage the integrity of your residential roof. If you have recently experienced a heavy storm that caused serious damage to the buildings, including your roof, you should know the right strategy for roof damage repair.

Repairing your roof from storm damage is not as simple as you might think. Roofing repairs are expensive and if you have insurance for your home, you should know the right way to repair all the damage. Here is everything you should know. 

01. Ensure Your Safety

When your roof is damaged after the storm, avoid going on your roof for inspection. You should prioritize the safety of your family and yourself first.

You should conduct a visual inspection of your roof from the ground and see what needs to be repaired. If there are only a few broken tiles or there is a hole in a part of your roof. Thus inspection will give you a fair idea of what your next step should be. 

02. Document All The Damage

You should take enough pictures of the roof and try to document the damage as comprehensively as possible. You should take pictures and record the damage on a video from a vantage point instead of going up on the roof.

Proper documentation is crucial if you want to apply for an insurance claim. You should capture multiple angles to get a brief idea of the damage. If you have a drone, utilize it to record a video. 

03. Look For Temporary Repairs

Before you call your contractors for the repair, find temporary repairs to ensure that you do not make any decision in a hurry. Temporary solutions such as using a tarp to cover the hole so that rain and other environmental factors do not enter the interior of the house.

You should also take preventive measures to control water infiltration in the house. You should also make sure that you are prioritizing safety while taking mitigation. 

04. Contact Your Insurance Company

You should notify your insurance company as soon as possible so that your paperwork starts as quickly as possible. Getting extensive insurance can help you pay for the expensive roof repair. You should make sure that you are in contact with your insurance company. 

You should provide the documentation you have gathered with evidence proving the intensity of the damage. 

05. Hire The Right Contractor 

Lastly, you should look for a roofing contractor who can help you get an estimate on the repair cost and guide you with everything you need to know. A qualified roofer knows where to begin and how to ensure complete roof repair within your budget.

While choosing the contractor, make sure that you ask for multiple quotes and find the one that matches your needs. Moreover, your roofer should also be licensed and they should have the relevant experience in repairing extensive damages. You should choose a contractor who has expertise in storm damage for better services.

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