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How Long Does RF Microneedling Take To Deliver Results?

Our bodies wear down as we age. This results in notable changes, including lower production, mobility, and flexibility. The skin shows the most notable aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, sagging, and deteriorating texture, to name a few. Your over-the-counter anti-aging products can help keep the signs at bay for some time but may start to fall short of your expectations. At this point, professional treatments are recommended to help maintain a youthful look. RF microneedling Marietta is among the top skin rejuvenation treatments available that can help turn your efforts around.

Microneedling entails using medical-grade needles to create tiny (microscopic) skin injuries that trigger the natural healing response. RF (radiofrequency) microneedling kicks this a notch higher by introducing energy that gently heats your skin’s outer layer without affecting the surrounding tissue. This triggers new collagen production. As the collagen and elastin increase, you regain a smoother complexion and firmer, more flexible, and healthier skin.

RF microneedling leverages your natural healing abilities, making it safe for all ages, gender, and skin types and tones. But how soon can you notice the results? Results onset varies since each skin is unique, the damage extent is different, and goals vary. Below is a general timeline and the expected results.

Immediately after treatment

Immediately after RF microneedling, you may experience slight swelling, redness, and pinpoint bleeding. This should disappear fast, and your specialist may provide recommendations to minimize your discomfort and concerns. You should not wash the treated area for at least four hours following the procedure. It would be best if you also avoid sun exposure for some days.

After a few days

After some days, typically 3-5, the peeling stage kicks in. The cell turnover increase causes the peeling. It is a normal experience that does not warrant a doctor’s visit. You should avoid picking the skin to allow the natural process to progress. You are advised to keep the treated area moisturized for a more comfortable process.

A week in

At this point, most people start to notice considerable skin tone improvements. This includes reduced acne scars visibility and a better skin texture.

Four-six weeks after treatment

This is the point most people experience the full effects of the anti-aging treatment. As you strive to notice the best results, you are encouraged to follow a practical skincare regimen. This includes limiting sun exposure and proper hydration to keep the skin moisturized. Following your goals and results achieved, touch-ups are recommended at this stage. You may need three–five treatments following your skin type, tone, and damage extent to enjoy a full swing of RF microneedling effects.

Rf microneedling offers fast and long-lasting results that look natural since it leverages your body’s healing properties. While you might not notice considerable changes the following day, the results improve with time and proper skincare. The best part is that microneedling can be combined with other treatments for a much faster effect. Contact AdvancedMD Aesthetics of Atlanta today for more on RF microneedling.

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