How to play four-color cards: Rules and smart playing experience

Four colors is no longer a strange game to most players, but not everyone knows how to play four colors fully. This is a simple game, without too many complicated rules. In this article, let’s New88 Discover how to play four-color cards for gamers to start experiencing today.
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Learn about the Four Colors lesson

The four-color card game originated in China, specifically during the Han Dynasty. This game has been passed down through many different periods and became popular in Vietnam since the Northern colonial period. A notable point is that the cards in the game are often illustrated with Chinese characters.

This game is best suited for 4 people, but if you only have 2 or 3 people, you can still organize a game. This deck includes a total of 112 cards, the cards are quite small and short. The top of the card has only text and no illustrations. The outside of the cards has only one color, and the armies have the same name but have different values.

How to play the full four-color card game for new players

Currently, there are many articles explaining how to play four-color cards, but it is important for new players to understand thoroughly and completely. In playing Tu Sac card game, the game sequence usually goes as follows:

The participating members will sit around the table and shuffle the cards. The cards will be shuffled and distributed equally to each player with 13 cards. Cards will be dealt in order, starting with whoever closes the window (the person to the dealer’s left) and continuing clockwise.

Sorting cards: After dealing the cards, players will arrange the cards into 3 hands, including:

  • Chi Dau: 5 cards.
  • Middle Branch: 5 cards.
  • Last Chi: 3 cards.

The person who has 3 Diamonds (pair of three) will be chosen to be the first player. If no one has a pair of three, the player with the largest deck of cards will be chosen to play first. The first player will play a deck of cards and the goal is to play higher value decks to defeat the opponent and remember to follow the rules of how to play the cards.

After one person plays a card, the next person clockwise must play a card of higher or equal value. The turn will continue until a person or a set of cards plays empty (leaving no cards) or until all players have played all the cards in their hand. After each game, players will calculate points based on the decks and sets of cards they played.

The most successful experience of playing Four Colors card game

After understanding how to play four colors, the next thing you need to consider is your playing skills and experience? Join us in discovering the experiences passed down from experts right here:
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Memorize the lesson

To effectively play the Four Colors card game, memorizing the cards quickly is extremely important. If you don’t keep careful track of the cards played and the number of cards in each hand, you can easily end up holding a “Trash” card at the end of the game.

Not being able to memorize the cards if you encounter a difficult situation can lead to failure in each game. Therefore, from the time you start playing to the time you compare cards, remember to pay attention and remember the cards that have been played!

Play cards to destroy trash

Some Tu Sac card players often have the habit of playing junk cards right from the beginning of the game to get rid of cards quickly. However, for this way of playing four-color cards, it is also necessary to remember that collecting cards to form Even or Odd decks is also an effective strategy to help eliminate cards in hand as quickly as possible.

Ignore the belly card

When you encounter a Belly card, don’t be too greedy and confident that you will have enough luck to make an Even card later. Instead, the smart way to play four-of-a-kind cards is to consider the situation and if necessary, play the card in the Odd direction and play the remaining card the same way you would deal with other Trash cards. These are all tips that four-color card players pass on to newcomers.

Always stay calm

When playing the Four Colors card game, staying calm is very important. Even if you experience a series of failures, always maintain composure. If you reveal that you are waiting for cards, your opponent can use this information to play cards that can disadvantage you.

The smart way to play Four Colors is to always limit your budget

Playing Four Colors can easily attract players because of its interesting nature, so it can make players easily forget about monitoring their budget during the game. So, determining a specific budget in advance and only playing with a predetermined amount is essential to ensure that you do not exceed your financial limit in this game.

How to play four colors card game to generate income quickly and effectively has been shared with new participants. In addition, these experiences help players improve their ability to win the game. Equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to have a chance to succeed and generate income from four colors.

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