Pest Control Myths Debunked!

Pests are everywhere, and every house has been host to pests at least once. They can be annoying and can also be a huge risk to your property and health. Contact Stride Pest Control today if your house has a pest problem that you need to get rid of. 

Most popular pest control myths 

There are a lot of myths about pests and pest control, but do you know how many of these are actually true? Here are some of the most common pest control myths debunked: 

  • Cleaning regularly will get rid of pests. 

Different kinds of pests have different environments that they prefer. If your house has that environment, then pests may be attracted to your house even if it is clean. A cluttered house only adds the disadvantage that it is easier for pests and bugs to hide in. 

  • Hot water will kill an ant colony entirely. 

Many people have heard of the myth that boiling hot water on an ant hill will get rid of the colony of ants. However, this is not fully true. Hot water may kill the ants that are near the surface, but an ant colony can be very large, and the water may not cause much damage to the ants that are deeper within the colony. 

  • Pests can not cause trouble if they are small in number. 

Many people may believe that pests are only a problem if they are large in number. However, seeing pests is already a sign that an infestation is taking place. A lot of pests can also breed very quickly, and it is important to exterminate them before the problem worsens. 

  • Mice are attracted to cheese. 

If you have seen mice around your home, you may be tempted to put cheese on mouse traps to bait them. However, cheese is not the primary food choice of mice, and some mice may not even take the bait. It is better to call a professional exterminator to eliminate a mouse problem. 

  • Bees can sting only once 

One of the most popular myths is that bees can only sting you once. However, you should know that this is only true for honeybees. Other bees, hornets, or wasps can sting you as often as they want. 

Do pests infest your house? 

If you suspect that your house has a pest infestation, do not wait until they can do more damage. Talk to a professional pest control agency immediately and figure out how to get rid of these problems. 

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