The Dangers of Pollution

Most air pollution comes from the use of energy and fossil fuels. This inevitably releases chemicals and gases into the atmosphere. Pollution from these sources is not only harmful to human health, but it also contributes to climate change by releasing gases like carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere. Increased heat also increases smog’s likelihood of formation, as well as its ultraviolet rays. Therefore, pollution has to be controlled as it has a detrimental effect on the environment.know more from kannada songs download 

The first signs of pollution came about long before humans started constructing buildings. In ancient times, cities were often noxious, with human wastes and debris clogging the air. By the 18th century, the conversion of coal into coke increased air pollution. Unsanitary, urban conditions facilitated the outbreak of epidemic diseases in Europe, decimating entire populations. In the 19th century, water pollution had become a major problem in industrial cities, but the rapid growth and spread of industry and the number of people made pollution a global issue.watch more here filmy4Wep

Pollution occurs from many sources. Vehicle exhaust, mining, agriculture, and warfare all contribute to air pollution. Car emissions are the largest source of air pollution in the world. Industries and homes also generate waste that pollutes the land and water. Moreover, pesticides are another cause of pollution, harming wildlife and affecting air and water quality. Pollution from these activities is extremely harmful and may even prove fatal. In short, pollution threatens the existence of all living things on Earth.Plz visit here for information about Eureka

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