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The Open Group Architecture Framework, in short TOGAF9, is the industry standard for enterprise application architecture because it offers a standardized method for promoting corporate growth and development. The demand for TOGAF 9.2 certified professionals who can implement this strategy within an Agile context has skyrocketed due to the framework’s widespread popularity. 

Employers can see that you’ve reached the pinnacle of professionalism in architecture and process management by completing the TOGAF training certification course. Numerous edtech companies offer top TOGAF training programs online, which can help you master the framework’s lingo, concepts, and design under the watchful eye of an instructor. In this context, “global framework” refers to the overall IT architecture for businesses worldwide.

The article here clarifies everything about the best TOGAF certification training courses.

TOGAF 9 – Introduction

The Open Group’s standards and certifications are widely regarded as the gold standard in enterprise architecture. Leading enterprises often use TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) as their enterprise architecture standard. More than 80% of businesses worldwide use TOGAF as their primary framework for development and architecture.See all information about mbc 2030

TOGAF’s widespread acceptance results from the standard’s attention to detail and focuses on maximizing efficiency in large-scale information technology infrastructures. Design, planning, implementation, maintenance, and governance are all within the purview of the standard’s approach.

According to the Open Group, there are over 75,000 TOGAF-accredited enterprise architects. The TOGAF 9 Foundation (Level 1) and the TOGAF 9 Certified are currently available (Level 2). The current version of the TOGAF framework is 9.2, but the credential name still refers to version 9.

The TOGAF 9 Foundation certification is aimed at architects who have shown mastery of TOGAF’s foundational standards and practices. Exam topics for Level 1 cover the fundamentals of TOGAF, including reference models, terminology, core concepts, standards, ADM, architectural governance, and enterprise architecture. To become a Level 1 expert, you must pass just one test. 

All prerequisites for TOGAF 9 Certified, also known as Level 2, are met by earning just that credential. TOGAF Level 2 architects are well-versed in the framework’s standards and principles. They can apply them to business initiatives and enterprise-wide systems. To achieve this status, one must have already obtained the Level 1 credential and passed the Level 2 examination. 

Suppose you want to skip ahead to Level 2 certification. In that case, you can do so by taking a single exam that serves as both a Level 1 and Level 2 certification requirement. Although neither credential requires it, TOGAF training is strongly suggested. Training sessions typically last between two and five days. However, this can vary by provider and whether or not you’re enrolling in a streamlined or comprehensive curriculum. The Open Group lists authorized trainers on the certification page and has a calendar of upcoming training events.

Top TOGAF 9 certification training courses

  • TOGAF® 9 Combined level 1 & level 2 training course (Simplilearn)

TOGAF training can boost your career and lead to high-paying jobs. Simplilearn’s level 1 and 2 certification courses will help you achieve your goals. This course includes the exam price; you can choose from self-paced, Bootcamp, or corporate packages. You may apply what you learn with quizzes, simulated tests, and assignments.

  • Top TOGAF Certification Training Courses (Udemy)

The TOGAF 9 Foundation and Practitioner certification exams are covered extensively in a course available on Udemy. It is an on-demand video with less than two hours of material. It will explain all the scenario questions in depth and give you access to videos and sample tests. And that’s not all: you’ll also receive not one but two Level 1 practice examinations and a Level 2 practice exam. 

  • Overview of the TOGAF 9.1 Enterprise Architecture Framework (Pluralsight)

Pluralsight’s TOGAF training course is an accelerated advanced-level TOGAF training course that includes parts 1 and 2. The included case studies greatly aid in understanding the material. This training is free with a Pluralsight account. Prices range from $159 to $239 per person and $399 to $779 per team, depending on the type of subscription.

  • TOGAF® 9 Training Course Level 1 Foundation Course (including certification voucher) (Glasspaper)

Earning TOGAF training certification is beneficial whether you’re just starting out or already established in enterprise architecture. Glasspaper has developed an engaging 2-day course leading to TOGAF Foundation accreditation. Your tuition will cover one Level 1 certification exam ticket, which you can use whenever you feel ready. In addition to preparing you for the Level 1 exam, you will obtain an understanding of the fundamentals of TOGAF 9 and the ability to apply them in your own business or organization.

  • TOGAF Courses (Global Knowledge)

A TOGAF 9 certification prep course is available from Global Knowledge. It can be taken in-person, live online, or via on-demand video. Topics such as ADM stages, architect governance, content metamodels, SOA architecture, and maturity models are all covered in depth in this comprehensive TOGAF training course.

  • TOGAF Certification Preparation (Learning Tree)

This TOGAF training certification program teaches you how to speed up and simplify system development while keeping it business-responsive. Learn how to design IT architectures using the Open Group Architecture Framework 9.2. This single course is for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. This course covers TOGAF concepts, including introducing TOGAF standards, architectural projects, key ADM deliverables, and the enterprise continuum. After finishing the course, you’ll quickly understand advanced TOGAF concepts and pass the TOGAF 9.2 exam.

Getting TOGAF certified

Passing a two-part exam is required for TOGAF training certification. This course is four days long. It is optional; you can also self-study, but you’ll understand the ideas faster with a trained instructor.

  1. Get trained: Qualified trainers lead this 4-day TOGAF program.
  2. Pass test: TOGAF part 1 and 2 examinations. You can take both exams independently.
  3. Get TOGAF certification: Pass both TOGAF examinations to get certified.

The bottom line

TOGAF is the most prominent enterprise architecture standard. With TOGAF’s growth, the demand for qualified and certified experts grows. Apart from TOGAF principles, the TOGAF training will teach professionals the best practices utilized by modern enterprise architects and the issues they face in today’s industry. Enroll in the best course with the Simplilearn online learning platform.

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