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What You Should Know about  Intense Pulse Light Treatments

Are you experiencing several skin problems ranging from tattoo removal to sun damage? Then it would be best if you considered Intense pulsed light treatments. These treatments help solve your multiple skin disorders by transmitting short light emissions that are adjusted to specific wavelengths and targeted to various parts of your body. Thanks to the advancements in medical technology, there are now at-home IPL devices that allow you to get treatment for your skin problems in the comfort of your home. Intense pulse light treatments can also effectively treat a wide array of skin issues, such as hyperpigmentation, scars, sunburns, freckles, keloid scars, sunburns, rosacea, and stretch marks. In this article, we will tell you why you need to consider IPL Cypress.

Why are Intense Pulse Light Treatments Performed?

In addition to treating a wide array of skin problems, the wavelength of intense pulse light treatments can be adjusted to help treat various cosmetic concerns such as enlarged skin pores, uneven skin tone, removing birthmarks, and visible blood vessels. Before performing an intense pulse light treatment, your healthcare provider will first inquire about your medical history, current medications you are taking, and pre-existing health conditions. The following are some of the main reasons why you need to consider intense pulse light treatments:

Targets your melanin

Most intense pulse light treatments have the light set to a high frequency that allows deep penetration into the layers of your skin. This light specifically targets the melanin in your hair follicle to achieve a radiant, even, and smooth skin appearance. This treatment also helps prevent the future growth of hair and reduces the visibility of dark spots on your skin. Since IPL treatments usually target melanin in your hair follicle, this procedure may not be suitable for people with dark skin.

IPL outcomes depend on your hair-to-skin contrast

With intense pulse light treatments for hair removal, the light energy is directed to your hair pigment, where it is converted into heat energy to eliminate hair from its roots, thus stopping future hair growth. For better results, the contrast between your skin and hair should be hair to allow for more light absorption. When your hair-to-skin contrast is low, there is a high probability of your skin getting burned due to excess absorption of the light energy. The most suitable candidates for intense pulse light treatments are those with fair skin and dark hair.

Multiple sessions are required for satisfactory IPL results

The results of intense pulse light treatments are not immediate. Instead, you will require multiple treatment sessions before you achieve better outcomes. Several sessions allow your doctor to address your concerns while reducing possible side effects carefully. Generally, about six doctor appointments are required to achieve the best skin results.

Long-term results

Another notable advantage of intense pulse light treatments is that their results can last long. Regardless of the multiple doctor visit, each treatment session usually takes less than thirty minutes, depending on how severe your skin condition is.

Like with most treatments, there are some possible side effects to intense pulse light treatments, such as feeling pain or discomfort around the treatment areas. To help manage these side effects, your healthcare provider will apply a cool compress or moisturizer around the area. Your doctor will also provide you with some after-care guidelines to guarantee durable skin results, such as avoiding excessive exposure to the sun’s harmful rays and high temperatures through saunas, steam baths, and intense physical exercises.

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