5 Benefits of Considering Dental Fillings

One of the most common dental treatments dentists perform is installing dental fillings. Dental fillings help keep your teeth healthy by treating decay and cavities. These fillings also work by lowering your teeth’ sensitivity, which is increased when decay destroys the outer layer of your tooth. Dentists often recommend early diagnosing and treating cavities using dental fillings to prevent further teeth damage. Dental fillings can be made from porcelain, composite, or metal, and each type has advantages. In this post, we will look at the various reasons why you need to choose aesthetic dental fillings New York

Natural Teeth Appearance

Unlike silver or gold fillings that are easily visible, white dental fillings provide a natural teeth appearance and a pleasant appearance. For instance, composite dental fillings are designed to match the natural color of your teeth and blend perfectly with your enamel. Tooth-colored fillings also blend in with your smile resulting in an appealing natural smile.

Protects your Oral Health

Tooth-colored dental fillings provide a safe alternative to treating tooth decay by being designed from a mixture of non-toxic ceramic and plastic materials. The traditional metal fillings are developed from a mixture of metal alloys, such as mercury in silver, that can result in metal allergies among some patients. In addition to repairing your decayed tooth, dental fillings can also be used to correct cracked, damaged, chipped, or broken teeth.

Strengthens your Teeth

Traditional dental fillings usually require a large amount of your enamel to be extracted before placement, thus, increasing your teeth’ sensitivity and weakening your teeth. On the other hand, aesthetic dental fillings only require minimal removal of your enamel. This helps retain the overall structure and strength of your pre-existing teeth. The strength of your natural teeth is further increased with the composite resin used when placing white-colored fillings, which is mechanically bonded to your tooth’s structure.

Quick Procedure

Placing your dental fillings begins with your dentist drilling a portion of your tooth’s enamel to remove the decay. They will then clean and dry the treatment area. Your dentist will start applying the dental filling to your enamel in layers and accelerate the hardening of the filling using a special light. Your dentist may also shape your dental filling into your desired shape. This whole dental filling process usually takes less than one hour.

They are Durable

Tooth-colored dental fillings are considered less durable than metallic fillings as they cannot withstand the continuous pressure of chewing and grinding for a long period. But, thanks to advanced technology, the overall performance and quality of white-colored fillings have significantly improved. They also have a small range of contraction and expansion since they are less affected by temperature variations, which helps prevent your teeth from weakening or cracking.

Contact your Dentist Today

Tooth decay is one of the most reported dental concerns across the globe. Fortunately, various treatment solutions, such as dental fillings, will help restore the natural appearance of your teeth. Dental fillings also help strengthen your teeth and prevent further damage to your teeth. To achieve satisfactory and durable results, you are advised to consult with your dentist, who will help you determine which type of fillings is best suited for you. Get started today and contact your dentist to help treat your cavities using dental fillings.

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