Atlanta bicycle accident: Things your lawyer can do for you

If you were struck by a vehicle while riding your bike on the roads of Atlanta, you should consider calling a lawyer immediately. Accidents involving bicyclists are quite common in Georgia, and because cyclists are not as protected as those in vehicles, they often suffer traumatic injuries that require months of recovery. Hiring an Atlanta bicycle accident attorney is not mandatory by law. However, the role of a competent lawyer is hard to ignore. Here is a quick review of what a lawyer can do for you.

  1. Your lawyer can establish fault and liability. Motorists are expected to drive with reasonable care, but most accidents in the state happen due to negligence. When more than one vehicle is involved in the accident or the claimant is also partly to blame for the mishap, finding fault and liability can be extremely hard. Hiring an attorney becomes necessary to know who is liable for your losses so that you can file a claim or pursue legal action.
  2. Your lawyer can investigate the accident. To establish fault, it is important to investigate how the bicycle accident happened in the first place. Lawyers have the resources and expertise to do that. Depending on the circumstances, your lawyer may decide to contact accident reconstruction specialists and talk to witnesses and other experts to find details.
  3. Your lawyer can handle the claims process. Expect the least when you file an insurance claim with the at-fault party’s insurer. Keep in mind that the claims adjuster doesn’t care for your injuries, pain, or suffering, and they would do everything possible to bring down your settlement. Having an attorney ensures that you don’t fall for the insurance tactics. Your lawyer will negotiate for you, and if the adjuster calls you, let them know that you have retained an attorney.
  4. Your lawyer can file a lawsuit. While litigation is never a wise idea, it may seem a necessary option for winning a just settlement. If your bicycle accident case goes to court, you will need an attorney to argue the case. Your lawyer will be responsible for the paperwork, arguments, evidence, and everything in between.
  5. Your lawyer can help with the expenses. Fighting an injury claim comes at a price, and if you are in financial distress, your lawyer can help with costs related to investigation and hiring experts until you win.

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