Orange County car accident: 5 essential tips for finding a lawyer

Orange County is a hotbed for traffic and road mishaps in California. Many auto accidents are just minor fender benders, while others have severe and complex outcomes. In a fault state like California, you have the right to seek compensation if the other driver was responsible for your injuries. The settlement cannot reverse time but can help you deal with things like your medical care, property damage-related losses, and wage losses. Regardless of the circumstances, you should have an Orange County car accident lawyer to deal with your claim. Here are five essential tips for finding a dependable lawyer.

  1. Create a list. You need to contact at least two to three accident lawyers to choose one. If you can talk to people who have filed auto accident claims in the past and have worked with attorneys, you can ask for references. Alternatively, Google listings and other websites can help you sort local lawyers in your area.
  2. Check reviews. When you want to compare lawyers, it is important to check what other clients have to say about these law firms. Online reviews and social media feedback are quite handy for that. Don’t hire an accident lawyer just because they have excellent reviews unless you have checked their credentials.
  3. Schedule a meeting. As we mentioned, you have to know your lawyer before you hire them. The first meeting is the most critical one, where you get answers to your questions and an initial impression of the lawyer. A good and competent accident lawyer will ensure that you have a decent understanding of the circumstances.
  4. Ask about trial experience. You wouldn’t want your car accident lawsuit to go to court, which could take up to two years or more before you get a verdict, but having a lawyer who can deal with the trial is necessary. Ask the attorney if they have represented such cases and whether they have credible experience in managing similar lawsuits.
  5. Be sure of the fee structure. As a client, you must pay a contingency fee to the accident lawyer, which is a fixed share of the final compensation. However, you may also have to be responsible for other expenses related to case investigation, and it is best to know the costs involved. Ensure that you sign a contract with your lawyer.

Finally, ask the lawyer how you can communicate with them effectively and get updates on the case.

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