What Should You Do If Your Ex-Spouse Violates Child-Custody Laws? 

Divorce cases are not easy, and they involve various legal complications. If there are children, it also involves custody cases. Custody cases are always contentious as they require careful negotiation and compromise. However, once the custody cases are in place, the couple has to adhere to the rules. 

This adherence to the rules is essential, and if any of the partners violates the child custody laws, there are legal implications to such acts. In this article, we will discuss some of the legal consequences of child custody laws. You can take legal consultations to understand custody laws more clearly. However, let’s know the basic rules of violation of child custody laws. 

What is a Child Custody Violation? 

Child custody violation occurs when a parent fails to comply with the terms set forth in the courts. When there is a child custody violation, it causes a vast range of stress and anxiety for both the parents and especially for the parent who is denied access to the child. Some of the examples of child custody violations are as follows: 

  • Returning the child to the other parent at the agreed time. 
  • Denying visitation rights to the other parent. 
  • Exposing the child to a dangerous situation. 
  • Relocating the child without the permission of the other parent. 

What To Do if Your Ex-Spouse Violates Child Custody Laws? 

  • Document the Violations: You must document the violations, which must include the time, date, and specific behaviour of the partner. This documentation will help you to take legal action. For instance, if the partner takes the child at the designated time but refuses to return the child, then you have to document such cases with the date and time. Additionally, you have to preserve the evidence like text messages or call recordings. 
  • Communicate with your Ex-Partner: You should first try to solve the situation with your ex-spouse with honest communication. It would help if you were calm and factual to avoid any confrontational or accusatory language. It is essential that your ex-spouse is not intentionally violating the laws. Also, you have to understand if the violation has occurred unintentionally so that you can avoid this time any legal actions. 
  • Consult with your Attorney: You must reach out to your attorney as soon as possible to discuss the situation. They can advise you about what your next step should be and whether to file the contempt motion or not. There can also be a way to modify the custody agreements and other such legal options. You must consult with the attorney thoroughly about these options and move ahead with your case. 

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