The list of ugliest fights that the world of cricket has gone on to witness

People may consider cricket to be a gentleman’s game, but, in some cases, this may not turn out to be the situation. There have been some crickets which have been chirping and having some fun with ICC coming down heavily on any form of fight. But in the days gone by, some of the ugliest fights have taken place in the game of cricket. Below are mentioned a few of them. Despite the fact that it is a gentleman’s game you cannot consider it to be in some cases. There are various cricket players fight on ground that you must know.

Harbhajan Singh and Andrew Symonds in the year 2008

During the Sydney test of 2008, tempers did flare up between both the players. Such was the incident of the fight that the ICC had to intervene, and tensions flared up between both sides during the series. They were part of an ugly spat, and Symonds went on to call the spinner a monkey which was a racial slur. The spinner was given a three-match ban, but India went on to threaten that they would pull out of the tour. Judge John Hansen was called for hearing the story on both sides, and he gave a clean chit to both the players. The main reason was due to the lack of evidence.

Marlon Samuels and Shane Warne

Both these crickets never got along during their playing days. An ugly incident did emerge during the course of BBL. During the course of one of the deliveries, when Michael Hussey was attempting a second run, Samuels grabbed his shirt being fully aware of the fact that there was no second run involved there. But Warne did not take things lying down. When Samuel came to the crease, Warne had a barrage of words directed at him. The umpires had to intervene and they did go on to calm the tension between both the players.Visit here for informative about Door Lock

Sreesanth and Harbhajan Singh

Very rarely do you come across a fight between both players at the same time, and sadly this was the case. To this day what was the reason for the fight between both players is not known. Both these players are known for their vibrant nature, and this was evident in this game of cricket. The bowler was crying on the ground, and later it was revealed that Harbhajan went on to slap him. The spinner was banned from playing the entire season after the episode.

Mitchell Starc and Kieron Pollard

Two of the most pulsating characters on the cricket pitch did give us a glimpse of the rivalry both these teams encounter. Pollard has an ugly spat with Starc during the IPL season of 2014, and things did not end there. When Starc was about to bowl, Pollard withdrew from his batting stance, and Starc still went on to bowl the delivery targeting the big man. There was a heated argument between both the players with captain Virat Kohli and the umpires, too joining in.

Kamran Akmal and Ishant Sharma

In the first international T-20 game, both these players had to pay a handsome fine. Both these players got into a heated argument when the latter had a lease of life when he was caught off a no-ball. He was beaten in the next delivery and the pacer had a few words to say to the Pakistan wicketkeeper. Things did not go well, and he did go on to react. On the field both the players had a few words of exchange, and the umpires had to intervene.

Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli

A rivalry that began from the cricket field and still continues as an expert commentator and a player. Both these players had a go at each other during the IPL game of 2013. Such was the incidence of the fight that both of them were not on talking terms for a considerable period of time. It is a matter of surprise as both of them play for the same home state Delhi. When Kohli was dismissed, he say Gambhir was celebrating wildly, and the batsman had a few harsh words for the southpaw where tensions escalated between both the players. Rajat Bhatia got in the way of both of the players and separated of them. If he would not done it, then a major fight would have gone on to erupt between both the players.

Shahid Afridi and Gautam Gambhir

Still, both these old players are found to engage in banter on social media platforms. Though their relationship on the field was not a great one. Both the players were part of a heated argument in a game held in Kanpur in 2007 when the former Pakistan captain got in the way of Gautam when he was about to take a run. This led to a heated exchange between both players.

The team fight of Bermuda

If you have ever seen a team fight, then this has to be the moment. But in reality, this should be a moment that should never be happening on a cricket field. One of the players, Jason Anderson, was given a life ban by the ICC for investigating such a fight to take place. It all started when he insulted the wicketkeeper of the opponent team, and it turned out to be an ugly brawl. Both the teams were involved, and James was seen in the visuals kicking the batsman.

Inzamam- Ul- Haq

Well, a calm man and a fight one could never imagine. But this was an incident that took place in a Sahara cup game in Toronto. Due to the verbal abuses hurled at him from the stand, the Pakistan Batsman went on to lose his cool and went with a cricket bat to hit the guy in the stands. But it has to be said that he was lucky that it did not lead to a permanent black spot in his career if he went on cause injury to the player.

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