Why Should You Consider Getting Custom Orthotics

Not all people are born with perfect feet. Even if you are born with a perfect foot, life can throw some challenges in your daily life that end up hurting your feet. Certain medical conditions such as diabetes, shoe styles, and even particular sports can make you develop foot imperfections that slow your stride due to pain. Custom orthotics Wheat Ridge can help you to move pain-free again. But you should know they can do more than relieve your foot pain. Here is a look at what orthotics are and their health benefits. 

What is an orthotic?

Orthotic is a specially designed shoe insert used to treat several foot conditions. Many types of orthotics have varying features and materials. While orthotics are often linked with arch supports, they include devices such as braces, pads, or cushioning inserts that offer extra support when wearing shoes. With various shoe insert options, your podiatrist will recommend the best option depending on your situation.

Health Benefits of Custom Orthotics

Getting a customized orthotic fit can help you in various ways. Some of the benefits of custom orthotics include the following;

Relieves Pressure

Custom orthodontics offers support and cushioning as they relieve the pressure experienced with daily activities. This can be very useful if you often stand for long periods during your workday or have arthritis. Orthotics can also help to prevent pressure ulcers and foot abnormalities associated with diabetes.

Corrects Your Foot Abnormalities

Foot pain and discomfort often result from underlying structural abnormalities. Instead of just masking your pain, custom orthotics correct your underlying structural anomalies, such as high or collapsed arches.

Enhances Knee, Back, and Ankle Health

Other than relieving foot pain, custom orthotics can help relieve your ankle, back, or knee pain. Your knees, ankles, and back depends on your feet to sustain their proper alignment and healthy motion range. Foot issues can cause pain and decreased mobility in your joints, tendons, and muscles as your stance or stride changes to compensate for foot pain. This causes stress to your bone structures and soft tissues in your lower and back extremities. Custom orthotics help to prevent such issues by giving your feet the proper alignment.

Promotes Athletic Performance

Whether you are an experienced athlete or just starting, foot abnormalities can affect your play. This does not only apply to walking or running; pain in your feet can also affect your ability to cycle, your golf stance, or your ability to pitch. Custom orthotics will help you overcome the pain that minimizes your performance in sports. Additionally, if you are engaging in an activity such as walking, running, and gym workouts for health purposes, it will all become easier when the foot pain is no more.

If you are experiencing minor to severe heel or foot pain, you should consider speaking with your podiatrist about using orthotics. They function by correcting biomechanical issues by redistributing your weight to relieve your pressure points and guiding your foot through corrected motions to enhance your gait. A podiatrist will determine the right type of orthotic and help you take steps to relieve your pain.

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