Am I At Risk For Back Pain? Here Are The Top 5 Risk Factors

Back pain is now almost a universal problem that affects many people regardless of age or gender. Even if you evade it, you are likely to find yourself experiencing back pains at some point in life. This can be frustrating as the debilitating back pain can affect your quality of life by lowering your daily productivity. While pain in your back may disappear often, persistent back pain calls for back pain Newtown treatments. These treatment procedures incorporate techniques that address any back pain regardless of its level.

In addition, back pain is typically brought about by certain lifestyle factors that can be evaded. For this reason, this guide provides the top five risk factors for back pain and how to avoid them. Let’s get started.  

1.Leading a sedentary lifestyle

In modern life, many people are stuck at their desks for long hours to such an extent they don’t find time to stretch their spines. Unfortunately, prolonged sitting does no good to your overall health and your spine. Sitting for extended hours exerts pressure on your spine and can result in pinched nerves or herniated discs. On the other hand, prolonged sitting can cause muscle strain and lower back stiffness, resulting in immense pain.

It’s, therefore, vital to rest your spine by taking breaks and stretching, especially if your everyday work calls for long hours of sitting.

2.Carrying excess weight

Medically, obesity is among the leading factors of numerous health concerns. In most cases, being obese causes high-intensity lower back pain which, if ignored, can affect your mobility. Those extra pounds add stress and pressure to your spine and joints, leading to osteoarthritis. Such conditions can negatively impact your back to the point you should get surgery. Cutting the extra pounds through physical activities or treatments can significantly boost your spine health.

3.Improper lifting techniques

If your work involves heavy lifting, you are more at risk of back pain, especially if you do the lifting improperly. Such bad habits can strain your spine and, if done repetitively, can worsen your condition further. Similarly, even bodybuilders and athletes can sustain back injuries if they involve improper lifting methods. For this reason, you should lift any heavy objects while your standing posture supports your back. With this, chances are minimal that you can suffer back pain.

4.Smoking habits

If you’re a smoking addict, you’re more susceptible to suffering back pain than non-smokers. Generally, smoking increases your risk for degenerative diseases and osteoporosis and slows your recovery rate. Do away with or minimize smoking if you want to stay safe against back pain.

5.Getting older

As you age, your back also becomes prone to numerous health concerns that can cause pain. This is typical because your body starts to show and respond to the joints’ wear and tear, which can cause severe back issues. In your prime years, your body becomes less tolerant of activities or spine stressors increasing your risk for back injuries. In addition, pushing your body too far can create an alarm for chronic back pain.

Considering how chronic back pain can affect your entire life, it’s critical to cut off any risk factor that can associate you with suffering from this debilitating condition. On the other hand, seeking expert help and frequent check-ups can significantly improve your overall wellness.

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