7 Common Reasons To Consider Emergency Dentistry

Everybody knows they should visit the emergency room or call an ambulance if they fall sick or sustain a serious injury requiring immediate treatment. However, not many are certain what they need to do if they suffer a dental emergency. Your general dentist might not be available, especially after-hours, when you need prompt care. In such cases, emergency dental Bronx care can help. As with any serious health concern, the quicker you receive care, the better your outcome will be. Continue reading to discover the main reasons to consider emergency dentistry care.

  1. Knocked Out Tooth

If the viability of your tooth is at risk, perhaps because of a knocked-out tooth, your emergency dentist will do everything possible to salvage it. Some common instances that can lead to this issue include a vehicle collision or sports injury. If your tooth is salvageable, it should be reattached to the socket in under two hours. Meanwhile, you should ensure it remains moist, by either placing it in your mouth or a tiny milk container.

  1. Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth is another common reason to consider a trip to the emergent dentist. Tiny chips could result from biting hard foods like nuts and chicken bones. However, in most instances, tooth chipping results from a mouth accident or trauma. Although one might be embarrassed to live with a chipped tooth, especially on the front part of the mouth, it is readily fixed using a veneer, bond, or crown.

  1. Broken Tooth

A broken tooth is more severe than a chipped tooth. Once a tooth breaks, it may be because of a small or hidden chip. Nonetheless, chances are the pain and discomfort will be more intense, which calls for emergency dentistry care.

  1. Something Stuck

It may seem funny, but having a piece of food lodged in the wrong area could result in a dental emergency. If something becomes stuck deep in the crevice, it could cause pain and inflammation.

  1. Lost Filling

The loss of a filling occurs more often than one thinks. Once somebody loses a filling, they should consider emergency dentistry. If this does not happen, the tooth might sustain further damage.

  1. Tooth Abscess

If you experience a persistent, throbbing toothache, you might have a tooth abscess, which stems from a bacterial infection. You will likely consider emergency dentistry because of the intense toothache.

However, you might experience other troubling symptoms like hot or cold sensitivity, fever, and swollen cheeks and face. If left unaddressed, the infection caused by the tooth abscess could spread to the jaw, neck, head, and sometimes across the body, causing a life-threatening condition known as sepsis.

  1. Bleeding and Cuts On Your Jaw or Mouth

If you suffer an injury that causes bruising, cuts, and bleeding of your mouth or jaw, you should seek emergency dental care, even if you effectively control the bleeding. Your emergency dentist will perform a comprehensive examination, for instance, using mouth X-rays, to ensure no underlying damage.

Dental emergencies could happen to anybody, at any moment. Whether you have a lost, chipped, or abscessed tooth, having access to a dentist who is knowledgeable in emergency dental care could be highly beneficial for your health. If you do not seek the necessary care immediately, this could be harmful to your dental and general health. Some excellent benefits of visiting an emergency dentist include pain relief, avoiding tooth loss, enhanced aesthetics, and reduced risk of oral infections. Therefore, do not hesitate to seek care if you sustain a dental emergency.

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