Any Fertility Issues Signs Noticed Should be Treated in Shrewsbury

Fertility often becomes a prominent concern when the desire to begin a family arises. What initially appeared to be a straightforward process can unexpectedly transform into a complex challenge. Despite carefully timing intercourse for optimal conception chances, the arrival of the menstrual cycle punctually each month can lead to feelings of disappointment and exasperation.

Currently, approximately 10% of women encounter issues related to infertility. At the Shrewsbury infertility clinic, Acupuncture Health Services, located in Shrewsbury, people can explore natural remedies for addressing infertility. 

These remedies encompass practices like acupuncture and herbal medicine, offering alternative avenues for those seeking assistance with fertility concerns.

Warning signs for women

The following are a few warning signs that women may experience:

  • Changes to your menstrual cycle

Any deviation from your typical cycle could signify reproductive problems. An indicator of a reproductive problem could be something as simple as not getting your period, having a thicker flow, or having irregular periods.

  • Painful periods

Debilitating pain that prevents you from performing your everyday activities. Your extreme pain can accompany nausea, vomiting, or flu-like symptoms. 

Contact your doctor if these unusually painful periods are coupled with other symptoms, including discomfort during erections, blood in your stools, or inconsistent cycles.

  • Sudden weight gain

Inform your doctor if you notice unexpected weight gain despite not changing your diet or level of activity.  

  • Sudden hair growth or loss

Any hormonal imbalance can lead to the growth of hair in atypical areas such as:

  • Chest
  • Face
  • Arms
  • Back. 

Conversely, hair loss could signify underlying issues like thyroid irregularities, anemia, or autoimmune disorders. These factors can also play a role in fertility concerns, highlighting the intricate connections between hormone regulation, physical manifestations, and reproductive health.

  • Sudden and severe breakouts

Your hormone balance will become evident in many different ways. Swings in mood, hostility, sadness, and severe acne are a few examples. Make an appointment with your doctor if your skin or mood suddenly changes.

Warning signs for men

Men’s symptoms can be related to the following reasons.

  • Testicular swelling

Although testicular enlargement does not necessarily indicate a fertility problem, it does require medical treatment. See a physician.

  • Change in libido

Extreme shifts in a man’s sex drive indicate hormonal problems. Speak with your doctor if you realize your sexual desire is fading.

  • Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is also influenced by psychological variables such as trauma, anxiety, and despair.

If you notice any of the above warning signs of infertility, contact Acupuncture Health Services.

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