Common Dental Emergencies You Should Never Ignore

Dental complications are some of the most devastating issues affecting a significant population in the United States. If you suspect a dental concern, it is essential to seek emergency dentistry because ignoring them can lead to unwanted pain. If you are yet to receive an examination and treatment, you should not worry because Hope Berman DMD can solve your dental concerns. You should never ignore dental emergencies because untreated problems can cause other health complications like heart disease and diabetes. The following are some of the common dental emergencies you should never ignore.

Lost Dental Crown or Filling

Dental crowns and filling are usually responsible for restoring previously destroyed teeth enabling them to function normally and have an optimal appearance. You should seek instant dental emergencies whenever they break down to prevent additional damage or reinfection. You should avoid repairing them yourself to prevent causing further damage.


Swelling continues to be a common dental emergency that can indicate a problem like infection. Swelling does not improve independently, so you need to seek emergency dentistry. You should consume lots of water and other fluids to stay hydrated. You should also avoid lying down until you receive treatment from your dentist.


Toothaches usually occur due to several causes, such as physical injury and infection. Initially, it can be sudden and serious, where the teeth become more painful with time if untreated. To reduce pain, you should take painkillers or a cold compress. However, you should seek medical attention because your dentist can evaluate the cause of the pain and fix it effectively.

Mouth Sores

There are numerous dental emergencies, such as canker sores and mouth and hand disease, which can be mouth sores. If you have sores in your mouth, there is a high chance you have gum disease. Mouth sores are not dangerous but can cause a lot of pain. Some over-the-counter (OTC) drugs effectively reduce pain but are not long-term. Therefore, it is integral to contact your dentist if your sores progress even after trying OTC drugs.


You should never underestimate bleeding in your cavity. Bleeding in dental floss can be an early indicator of gingivitis or gum disease. Even though bleeding is not an emergency, instant treatment is essential to avoid further problems. Nevertheless, if you notice blood in your saliva, it might signal a progressing stage of cancer or gum disease.

Broken Orthodontics

Orthodontics, like dental braces, is tough to prevent daily wear and tear from chewing, talking and eating. Unfortunately, they can break, poking your gums and cheeks. As a result, you will experience discomfort and slow or reverse the process of straightening and aligning your teeth. Even if they are extremely bothersome, you should avoid cutting the wires to prevent swallowing them; instead, contact your dental practitioner instantly.

Dental health is integral in various ways, including boosting your peace of mind and relieving pain and discomfort. If you are tired of tarmacking from one dental center to another without receiving the services you wish, consider Oasis Dental Team PC. At the center, a team of doctors offers passionate and cutting-edge dental treatment to all ages around Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. Contact the office or book online to request an appointment today.

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