Essential Tips That Will Help You Prevent the Achilles Tendon Injuries

You may underrate the tendons, but they are crucial when you move from one place to another. The tendons link your bones with your muscles, thus boosting your flexibility. In addition, the tendons help absorb impact force when exercising, thus safeguarding your muscles from injuries. However, extreme jumping can expose your Achilles tendon Westfield to concerns like rupture, which limits your performance in your favorite sport. Fortunately, the following tips can help you prevent Achilles tendon injuries.

Strengthen Your Calf Muscles

Your Achilles tendons link directly to the calf muscles in your legs. Therefore, when you have stronger calf muscles, you reduce the strain on your tendons, thus minimizing the chances of injuries. The bent knee calf activities can help you strengthen your calf muscles.


Some people bolt into sporting activities without knowing the harm they are causing to their Achilles tendons. Notably, exercising without simple stretches exposes your tendon to sudden stress, which ultimately triggers tendon issues. It is, therefore, necessary to conduct light jogs to give the Achilles and muscles ample time to adjust for the upcoming event.

Cross Train

Individuals conducting the same physical activities are at a greater risk of developing Achilles tendon concerns. The repetitive motion usually causes overuse on the tendons exposing them to injuries. Switch up your activities to allow some tendons to rest while increasing the endurance of other tendons.

 For example, if you engage in high-impact exercises like running, you should blend them with moderate activities such as swimming over time.

Watch Out on Your Running Surface

The terrain where you run says a lot when it comes to the Achilles tendon health. Running on rocky grounds usually exposes you to twisted ankles, which in turn causes tendon injuries. Therefore, when walking or running, you should look for an even surface to keep your tendons healthy as you exercise.

 Practice on the surface with the same topography as the surface where the actual race will be conducted.

Choose the Right Gear for Your Workout

Protective gear is indispensable in preventing tendon injuries. The protective gear depends on the sporting activities you engage in. For example, if you are an athlete, you should use athletic tape when running to reduce excessive stress on your Achilles tendons.

Invest in Comfy Shoes

Sometimes the shoe fashion can mislead you into choosing footwear that compromises your tendon health. The tight-fitting shoes heighten the pressure on the Achilles tendon, causing injuries over time. Therefore, when purchasing footwear, you should focus on the ones with ample room for your feet.

Your tendons are key when it comes to your flexibility. These fiber-like structures connect your muscles with bones, thus helping you to move effectively. Therefore, you should do what it takes to prevent Achilles tendon issues that would hinder you from continuing to enjoy your favorite sporting activities. Warm up before any activity to avoid sudden stress on your Achilles. Changing your exercises with time will also help minimize the risk of overuse injuries within your tendons. However, if you encounter Achilles tendon injuries despite your preventive efforts, you should reach out for necessary treatment options.

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