Why Should You Get Botox in Dentistry?

Botox is commonly used in cosmetic surgery to get rid of facial wrinkles and lines. However, due to its underlying benefits, it is gaining importance in orthodontics, and most dental procedures require Botox for proper treatments. Additionally, Botox is minimally invasive, making it fit for treatments like high lip lines, dentures no longer fitting due to shifting jaw muscles, Bruxism, Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, and more. 

If you are facing any dental problem and the health care advisor has prescribed you Botox for treatment, you can reach out to the nearest dental health care center or waldwick botox and get treated for your problem. 

Common usage of Botox in dentistry,

Botox is one of the great tools to treat various dental diseases. Dentists already use it to treat various dental muscle problems. Let us take a closer look at how Botox helps in various treatments. 

  • Edentulous patient:

These patients are treated with Botox to make their dentures fit and help their gum muscles relax and adjust to the new dentures. 

  • Gummy smile or high lip line.

If a person has a gummy smile and wants to get rid of it, they are prescribed a botox treatment. In this case, the botos helps their lip muscles to relax and achieve a more pleasing smile. This treatment has become popular over the past years due to its instant results and less invasive nature. 

  • Bruxism

Bruxism can also be minimized with the help of Botox. It eventually reduces the force of the muscular contraction involved. This eventually makes an adjunct therapy to the night guard tools. 

  • TMJ disorder:

The temporomandibular joint disorder leads to severe muscle pain due to the hyperactivity of the muscles responsible. Botox helps relax these muscles and provides quick and efficient treatment. 

Other benefits of Botox

Botox helps the person adjust and reshape their smile. It also helps in getting rid of wrinkles and lip lines. 

Most of the Botox treatments last for 6 months; after that time, you will notice that your muscles are returning to normal. In such cases, you can get your Botox treatment again to get your muscles back as required. 

Myths About Botox

Here are some myths that you may hear about the Botox treatment. Avoid such myths, as Botox is completely safe for dental procedures. 

  • Botox is a dangerous procedure and has many side effects. 
  • Botox is only for wrinkles.
  • Botox is expensive.
  • Botox in dental treatment can become poisonous or toxic. 
  • You need to be under anesthesia to get Botox injections. 

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