Common Causes of Knee Pain You Need to Know

Generally, the knee is the largest joint in your body, enabling you to stand. The knee joint also bears the weight of your upper body, thus predisposing it to a lot more tear and wear than other joints. Therefore, if you begin experiencing persistent knee pain, consult your care provider for early diagnosis and treatment before other complications emerge. For this reason, you can search for Fair Lawn knee pain treatment options available, especially if you have been experiencing persistent knee pain, and find relief. It would also help if you understood some of the common causes of knee pain which are as follows:

Knee bursitis

In most cases, knee bursitis occurs when the bursa in front of your knee is inflamed. As a result, you begin experiencing stiffness and pain that might even affect your mobility. Usually, your knee joint comprises eleven bursae, fluid-filled sacs that prevent friction in your knee joint. Those bursae that usually cause knee bursitis are referred to as prepatellar bursae. Therefore, if you begin feeling as if your knee joint has locked up or is stiff, you should consult your care provider because knee bursitis might cause pain and discomfort around your knee joint.


Usually, the knee is a complex joint, and if any part that forms the joint is injured, it can result in severe knee pain. In most cases, the parts of your knee that usually get injured are the ligaments or the meniscus. Some of the activities that usually increase your risk of developing knee injuries are basketball, soccer, and football. Therefore, if you begin experiencing joint pain, swelling, or a sensation that your knee is locking or sticking, you should seek medical help because you might suffer from a chronic degenerative meniscal tear.

Patellar tendinitis

It is an inflammation of the tendons that form your knee joint, and their role is to connect the shin bone to the kneecap. In most cases, if patellar tendonitis is left untreated, it might result in tendon tears. Your chances of developing patellar tendinitis increase, especially if you usually participate in activities that stress your knee joint.

Arthritis of the knee

Arthritis usually forms on different joints in the body, including the knee. The conditions usually start slowly and worsen with time, especially if left untreated. Common types of arthritis affecting your knee joint include post-traumatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. Some arthritic symptoms you experience include knee pain, swelling, and joint stiffness.

Surgical treatments

Most knee pain treatments usually vary depending on the cause. Therefore, some care providers may recommend various surgical approaches which might cause knee pain. Common approaches that might result in knee pain include patellar repair, meniscus repair, lateral release, or knee replacement.

Therefore, you can schedule your appointment at Alliance Spine Associates today and receive your knee pain treatment, especially if the pain affects your mobility and performance at work. And since you are now aware of some of the causes of knee pain, you can also avoid them to prevent knee pain. You can also inquire more about other knee problems you might be experiencing, especially when your care provider is taking history to help them develop a customized treatment plan for you.

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